Bespoke Fish/Coral Orders

Seasoned hobbyists know some species are only sporadically available throughout the year. We specialise in tracking down hard-to-find fish, corals, and inverts. We will special order any fish or coral you have been trying to get your hands on, with a 100% money back guarantee if we cannot fulfil your order.

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Common name

Asfur Angel
Blueface Angel : A
Bellus Angel
French Angel : A
Emperor Angel : J
Koran Angel : J
Lamark Angel
Majestic Angel : A
Scribble Angel
Sixbar Angel : A
Misc. Angels
Bandit Angel
Goldflake Angel
Africanus Angel
Cortez Angel
French Angel : J
Flagfin Angel
Emperor Angel : A
Queen Angel : A
Rock Beauty Bicolour Angel – Melanesia Fireball Angel
Flame Angel
Half Black Angel – Melanesia Joculata Angel
Keyhole Angel – Melanesia
Lemon Peel – Melanesia
Red Stripe Angel
Rusty Angel
Yellow Tail Angel – Melanesia Golden Angel
Misc.Dwarf Angels
Banded Angel – Melanesian Yellow Marble Batfish – Tank Bred Roundfin Batfish Auriga Butterfly
Collare Butterfly
Copperband Butterfly
Dot Dash Butterfly
Dot Dash Butterfly – Fiji
Falcula Butterfly
Longnose Butterfly – Yellow Raffles Butterfly
Sunburst Butterfly – West Ind Ocean Teardrop Butterfly – West Ind Ocean Teardrop Butterfly – Melanesia

Addis Butterfly
Blackburn’s Butterfly
Hawaiian Lemon Butterfly
Heniochus Butterfly – B&W
Pearlscale Butterfly – Fiji Maroon Clown
Percula Clown – Coral Sea
Red Clown – Fiji
Tank Bred Clown – Midnight
Tank Bred Clown – Common
Tank Bred Clown – Common (25+)
Tank Bred Clown – Common (50+)
Tank Bred Clown – Snowflake
Tank Bred Clown – Black Ice Snowflake Tank Bred Clown – Plum Tomato
Tank Bred Clown – Picasso Grade A Tank Bred Clown – Platinum
Misc. Clownfish
Tank Bred – Frostbite Clownfish Blue Damsel
Blue Fin Damsel
Cardinal – Spotted
Cardinal – Emperor Tank Bred
Cardinal – Emperor Tank Bred (10+) Cardinal – Emperor Tank Bred (25+) Chromis – Caribbean Sunset
Chromis – Bicolour
Chromis – Green
Chromis – Blue Reef
Domino Damsel
Fijian Panda Damsel
Humbug – Two Stripe
Humbug – Three Stripe – Melanesia Humbug – Four Stripe
Jewel Damsel
Lemon Damsel
Royal Blue Damsel
Cardinal – Gold Line Melanesia
Cardinal – Yellow Spot Tail
Cardinal – Ghost
Tricolour Damsel – Melanesia
Misc. Damsels
Chromis – Vanderbilt’s
Orange Tail Damsel – Australia
Starkii Damsel – Melanesia Blue Trigger – Melanesia/West. Ind. Ocean Blue Throat Trigger
Clown Trigger
Diamond Trigger
Golden Heart Trigger
Picasso Trigger Clown Filefish
Aiptasia Eating Filefish Achilles Tang
Blue Eye Tang – Fiji
Clown Tang

Convict Tang – Fiji
Freckle Face Tang
Gem Tang
Goldrim Tang
Lipstick Tang – West Ind Ocean
Mimic Tang – Red Stripe
Orange Shoulder Tang : J – Melanesia
Powder Blue Tang – Premium West. Indian Ocean Regal Tang – Coral Sea
Sailfin Tang – Brown
Sailfin Tang – West Ind Ocean
Silver Spot Tang
Yellow Eye Tang
Yellow Tail Purple Tang
Vampire Tang
Gold Rush Tang
Naso – Unicorn
Orange Face Tang
Orange Shoulder Tang : A – Melanesia
Sailfin Tang – Yellow Banded Wrasse
Birdmouth Wrasse – Female
Birdmouth Wrasse – Male
Cigar Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasse – West Ind Ocean
Cleaner Wrasse – Red Sea
Clown Wrasse – Formosa : J
Creole Wrasse
Clown Wrasse – Gaimard : A
Dragon Wrasse – West Ind Ocean
Jade Wrasse
Mexican Wrasse
Neon Line Wrasse
Paddlefin Wrasse
Peacock Wrasse
Peacock Wrasse – Male
Pudding Wife Wrasse
Pyjama Wrasse – West Ind Ocean
Richmond’s Wrasse
Misc. Wrasse
Cheilio Wrasse Candy Hog – West Ind Ocean
Cuban Hog
Mexican Hog
Red Hog
Wetmorella – gold band
Wetmorella – White Band Clown Parrot
Flame Dwarf Parrot – Hawaiian PAIR
Gold Flash Dwarf Parrot
Fiji Velvet Speck Dwarf Parrot
Koi Dwarf Parrot
Pink Shimmering Dwarf Parrot
Purple Stripe Dwarf Parrot
Purple Yellow Spot Dwarf Parrot
Naoko’s Dwarf Parrot
Blue Stripe Dwarf Parrot
Hi Fin Dwarf Parrot

Purple Lyre Tail Grouper Barred Moray
Dragon Eel – Mexican
Leopard Eel
Snowflake Eel Boxfish – Black
Cowfish – Long Horn
Dogface Puffer – Common Dogface Puffer – Coloured Dogface Puffer – Hush Puppy Porcupine Puffer
Puffer – Jewel
Puffer – Valentini
Dogface Puffer – Starry
Boxfish – Common
Puffer – Blue Spot
Dogface Puffer – Golden African Blenny
Algae Blenny
Bicolour Blenny
Canary Blenny
Jawfish – Leopard
Jawfish – Red
Jawfish – Yellowhead
Scooter Blenny
Scooter Blenny – Giant
Dot Dash Blenny
Phantom Blenny
Yellow Tail Midas Blenny
Tank Bred Striped Blenny Arrow Goby
Blue Cheek Goby – West Ind Ocean Firefish – West Ind Ocean
Firefish – Purple
Green Goby
Gudgeon – Blue
Mandarin – Spotted
Neon Goby – Blue
Pink Spot Goby
Red Banded Goby
Shotsilk Goby – West Ind Ocean Suntail Goby
Tiger Goby
Torpedo Goby – West Ind Ocean Watchman Goby – White
Mandarin – Red
Watchman Goby – West Ind Ocean Tangerine Line Goby
Chalk Goby – West Ind Ocean Dracula Goby
Neon Goby – Gold TANK BRED Nano Goby – Zebra TANK BRED Court Jester Goby
Sulphur Goby
Red Head Goby

Longnose Hawk – West Ind Ocean Red Spotted Hawk
Hi Fin Checker Hawk Rabbit – Orange Spot
Fox Face
Fox Face – Fiji
Fox Face – Red
Leaf Fish – Coloured
Lion – Fuzzy Dwarf
Lion – Radiata
Lion – Volitans Seahorse Reidi – TANK BRED Seahorse hippocampus – TANK BRED Misc.Seahorses Banana Pygmy Basslet
Flashback Pygmy Basslet
Gramma – Blackcap
Gramma – False
Gramma – Royal
Strawberry Pygmy Basslet
Tank Bred Pygmy Basslet – Minstrel Tank Bred Pygmy Basslet – Neon Tank Bred Pygmy Basslet – Orchid Forktail Pygmy Basslet – Blue
Forktail Pygmy Basslet – Yellow Bleeding Heart Anthias
Diamond Anthias
Fat Head Anthias
Longfin Anthias
Orange Spot Anthias – West Ind Ocean Striped Anthias
Wreck Fish – Melanesia
Scribbled Anthias
Bartlett’s Anthias
Purple Queen Anthias
Saddleback Anthias
Split Fin Anthias
Lori Anthias – Melanesia
Lyretail Anthias
Pictilis Anthias – Male
Dispar Anthias – Coral Sea
Golden Anthias Hi-Hat Sweetlips
Macolor Sweetlips
Oriental Sweetlips
Spotted Grunt Pipefish – Snake
Angler Fish – Coloured
Angler Fish – Wart Skin
Bass – Caribbean Blue
Bass – Harlequin
Bass – Lantern
Bass – Tobacco

Goat – Bicolour
Hamlet – Indigo
Parrotfish – Quoyi
Scolopsis – Blue/Yellow
Snapper – Longfin
Scolopsis – Yellow
Squirrel Fish
Trumpet Fish
Shark – Egg
Pipefish – Banded
Pork Fish – TANK BRED Atlantic Anemone
Bubble Anemone – Coloured Flower Anemone – White/Green/Red Malu Anemone – Common
Malu Anemone – White
Tube Anemone – Coloured
Sand Anemone – LT Coloured Duncan’s – PER POLYP
Plate S/T – Coral Sea
Pom-Pom S/T
Button Coral – Coral sea
Pipe – Coral Sea (per polyp)
Comb – Coral Sea
Comb-Coral Sea Teardrop Shape Moon – Coral Sea
Elephant’s Eye – Coral Sea
Brain – Coral sea
Pom-Pom S/T – Cultured
Spiny Brain – Coral Sea
Scolly – Australia
Pom-Pom L/T – Coral Sea
Antler – Coral Sea
Maze – Coral Sea
Pineapple – Coral Sea
Staghorn – Coral Sea
Brain – Coral Sea – Folded Chalice
Comb – Coral Sea
Comb-Coral Sea Teardrop Shape Pineapple – War
Moon – Coral Sea
Elephant’s Eye – Coral Sea Bush Coral – Golden
Bush Coral – Orange
Cabbage Coral
Cabbage Coral – Green Cauliflower Coral
Christmas Tree Coral
Finger Coral – Cactus
Finger Coral – Cauliflower
Finger Coral – Devils
Finger Coral – Round
Finger Coral – White Polyp
Finger Coral – White Polyp Long Prickly Soft Coral

Toadstool Soft Coral
Toadstool Soft Coral – Knobbly Toadstool Soft Coral – Sulphur Melanesia Toadstool Soft Coral – Yellow
Fire Soft Coral Button Polyp – Coloured
Button Polyp – Giant Green
Button Polyp – Super coloured Coloured Polyp
Coloured Polyp – South Pacific
South Pacific Pulse – White
Star Polyp – Soft
Star Polyp – White
Xenia – Carpet Green
Star Polyp – Xenia Silver
Star Polyp – Xenia Met Green
Star Polyp – Pulse Green/White Cultured Anemone Mushroom Rock
Coloured Mushroom Rock
Furry Mushr. Rock – Fiji Green
Giant Mushroom Rock – Green
Knobbly Mushroom Rock
Red Mushroom (per polyp)
Spotted Mushroom Rock
Ricordia Caribbean (per polyp) – Green Misc. Mushroom Rock Finger Gorgonia – Red
Finger Gorgonia – Yellow
Giant Polyp Gorgonia
Purple Bush Gorgonia
Purple Ribbon Gorgonia
Tree Gorgonia – Purple
Tree Gorgonia – White
Purple Frilly Gorgonia Anemone Shrimp
Boxing Shrimp
Bumble Bee Shrimp
Cleaner Shrimp
Crystal Shrimp
Dancing Shrimp
Pistol Shrimp – Carribean Scarlet Mosaic Shrimp
Pistol Shrimp – Yellow
Peppermint Shrimp – Giant
Peppermint Shrimp – Giant (+25lot) Peppermint Shrimp – Giant (+10lot) Purple Leg Shrimp
Sexy Shrimp
Shrimp/Goby – PAIR
Tiger Shrimp
Pistol Shrimp – Scarlet Cowrie – Money
Cowrie – Tiger
Green Mussel Cluster
Scallop – Red
Seahare – Giant

Slug – Frilly
Snail – Turbo (10 +)
Snail – Turbo (25 +)
Snail – Turbo (50 +)
Snail – Tulip
Slug – Quazimodo
Snail – Banded Trochus (10 +) Snail – Banded Trochus (25 +) Snail – Banded Trochus (50 +) Snail – Banded Trochus Bulk (100+) Snail – Bumble Bee (10 +)
Snail – Bumble Bee (25 +)
Snail – Bumble Bee (50 +)
Snail – Cerith (25 +)
Snail – Cerith (50 +)
Snail – Cerith Bulk (100 +)
Snail – Giant Turbo
Snail – Nerite (10 +)
Snail – Nitrus (10 +)
Snail – Nitrus (25 + )
Snail – Nitrus (50 +)
Snail – Nitrus Bulk (100 +)
Snail – Orange Marble
Snail – Orange Marble (10 +) Snail – Orange Spot
Snail – Orange Spot (10 +)
Snail – Sand Sifting
Snail – Sand Sifting (10 +)
Snail – Cerith (10+)
Cowrie – Chestnut Feather Duster
Feather Duster – Indian Ocean Hard Tube Worm – Coloured Feather Duster – Spiral Gold / Red Black Cucumber
Candy Cucumber
Clown Cucumber – Red
Pink Cucumber
Yellow Cucumber Anemone Crab – Spotted Arrowhead Crab
Boxer Crab
Decorator Crab
Emerald Crab
Emerald Crab (10 +)
Hermit Crab – Haw. Orange

H. Crab – Haw. Orange (10+)

Hermit Crab – Red Hairy

Hermit Crab – Rock (10 +) Hermit Crab – Rock (25 +) Hermit Crab – Rock (50 +) Horseshoe Crab
Sally Lightfoot Crab
Hermit Crab – Blue Leg (10 +) Hermit Crab – Blue Leg (25 +) H. Crab – Orange Leg (10+) Sally Lightfoot Crab (10 +)

Pink Lobster
Squat Lobster – Striped Maidens Hair Algae
Algae on Rock – Cactus
Red Bamboo Algae
Red Grape Algae Orange Tree Sponge
Red Ball Sponge
Spider Sponge
Red Tree Sponge Long Spine Urchin
Orange Spine Urchin
Pincushion Urchin
Sand Dollar
Spineless Urchin – Red/Blue
Whitespot Urchin
Longspine Urchin – Banded Blue Finger Starfish – Melanesia
Brittle Starfish – Red
Choc. Chip Starfish
Crimson Knobbed Starfish
Maldive Starfish
Red Starfish
Brittle Starfish – Green
Orange Finger Starfish
Picasso Starfish
Sand Sifting Starfish – Melanesia Cultured Clam – Maxima/Squamosa Hybrid Cultured Clam – Crocea Ultra
Cultured Clam – Hippopus Button Coral – Coral sea – Frag (mix colour) Thorn NANO – Cultured Premium Wild Rock – Australian Premium Cultured Rock – Fiji

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