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AFix Glue


Special plastic two-component mass for joining small rocks and attaching stony corals to rocks.

AF Stone Fix


Quickly bonding, cement-based glue designed for connecting large elements of live or ceramic rock.

Demineralisation Resin


High-quality Demineralization Resin – designed for water demineralization, used in RO filters mainly as the last stage of tap water purification.

AF Carbon


High quality granulated active carbon. Eliminates undesirable chemical compounds in marine and freshwater aquariums.

AF Purify 50ml


Professional formula for general use in freshwater aquariums. Contains specially selected ingredients, helpful in the care of fish.

AF Lava Soil 5L


AF Lava Soil is a natural substrate based on volcanic lava, which is enriched with essential minerals for plant growth.

AF Red Boost 200ml


Professional formula composed from selected micronutrients and phytohormones stimulating red coloring of plants.

AF N Boost 200ml


Professional easily absorbable nitrogen fertilizer for aquatic plants. Nitrogen is one of the most important macronutrients necessary for plants.

AF Minus PH 200ml


Highly concentrated basic fertilizer with a complete set of micronutrients necessary for the optimal development of aquarium plants.

AF K Boost 200ml


Professional easily absorbable potassium fertilizer for aquatic plants. An important building block, potassium participates in many biochemical reactions, where it acts as an enzyme activator.