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:: Fresh water pH Test (5,8 – 8,3)

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:: Fresh water pH Test (5,8 – 8,3)The pH-value or acid value indicates how acidic or alkaline water is. It is a measure of the concentration of the acidic or alkaline components in a hydrous solution. Pure water will react neutral and has a pH-value of 7. If the acidic components are predominant, the pH value will drop below 7.

If the basic components predominate, the pH value will rise above 7. In fresh water aquariums (when not dedicated to Malawi cichlids etc.) the optimum pH value is between 6,2 and 7,2 which is the value found in natural waters. Many organisms will react with high sensitivity to large variations of the pH-value An overly large drop or rise should be avoided whenever possible.

Most of the organisms react sensitively on a pH-level, which is constantly far away from the requested value, as well as on gravid modifications. Therefore a regular check of the pH-level is elementary necessary to note and to avoid any negative development.

The pH-reagent from ELOS, especially developed for fresh water, allows the determination of the pH-value with the help of a finely tuned color scale which shows a range of 5.8 to 8,3 pH-units.



  • Precise, thanks to the calibrated droplet
  • Simple to use
  • Equipped with precision color chart, measuring vial and syringe
  • Practical thanks to the easy-opening pack
  • NIST verified

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