Coral Camera Lense


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The Eye of Horus lens coral filter is a new addition to the mobile phone coral filter lense.

These lenses that help remove the blue color to let other color get through became really popular in the last couple of years. Now people are able to share pictures of their corals, using their phone, in a more realistic way (or not!).

There are quite a few different models available, and among them the Polyp lab lense filter is the most popular. This new optical lense made from photography grade glass material, is designed to specifically cut off the 450-465 nm range and leave the rest of the full spectrum intact.

The fact that this is made from optical grade glass, is quite a game changer, as other filters are made from acrylic. Glass has better optical quality, is much harder than acrylic, and allow much stronger nano coating.

The holder is made from durable and solid moulded plastic, so it should last pretty long. It’s available in blue or white and can attach to any mobile phone. Very simple to use and strong.

It’s made in Taiwan, from a cooperation from STC Optics Taiwan and Sea Dream Aquarium Jamison/ Zach Lin.