Elos Diamond Line 160 XL (200 gal)


System 160xl 200 gal

Aquarium / POOL 160XL: 63 x 31.5 x 23.6in (LxDxH)
Cabinet / SQUARE 160XL: 63 x 31.5 x 35 in (LxDxH)

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System 160xl 200 gal

Aquarium / POOL 160XL: 63 x 31.5 x 23.6in (LxDxH)
Cabinet / SQUARE 160XL: 63 x 31.5 x 35 in (LxDxH)

Produced, at the beginning, exclusively for the US market, demanded from numerous marine enthusiast, it have been recently introduced also on the European market.

  • Pool160XL tank: realized in ELOS Diamond Glass 23.6″ tall with polished edges, incorporates our QuietDrain overflow and full bottom protection against snails
  • Square160XL cabinet: built in highly water resistant core, laminate with high thickness PVC. Can be customized by changing the color of the side fascia. As an optional customers can request special colors, glossy or matte, according to RAL table.
  • Optional Sump upgrade ,standard sump included SS 36 XL Bashsea External Hybrid filter type: designed to be accomodated inside the Cabinet. it includes the necessary elements for proper filtration without compromise.
  • Its design provides:
    • De-Gas chamber: necessary to reduce micro bubble
    • Mechanical chamber: in the mechanical chamber the water is microfiltered mechanically through the interchangeable Elos filter bag
    • Chemical chamber: it is used to position carbon, resins, zeolith and any other material used to filter the water to remove unwanted pollutants. This compartment allows the adjustment of the water flow making this a very flexible chamber where active carbon, resins, live rock, etc. can be used.
  • 15 mm diamond Glass 98% clear.
  • Pipings kit: supplied with the tank, it contains all the necessary for the setup: corrugated drain hose, red silicone return hose, PVC fittings, teflon tape.
  • 40 mm Drain (1 1/2″ hard plumbing could be using to connected the sump )
  • 25 mm return (adaptor needed for hard plumbing )
  • Quiet drain Overflow indside (up to 2905 gal/H*)
  • The Double Return allows the user to adjust the flow of water independently

An really big Aquarium that thanks to the height of only 60 cm supplies one unusual vision also from the top. Each detail in this Aquarium is taken care maniacally. After the gluing of the glass it sits to be “seasoned” for 25 days before being moved into the delivery area, this as a guarantee of the silicon gluing which is done with a special silicon developed to resist to the strong traction generated by the water mass, without de-laminations.

Each glass is analyzed one by one under a special light to select only the best ones that will be used to grant that who will acquire this aquarium will become the owner of a real masterpiece. An aquarium made with no compromises to satisfy the expectations of our most demanding customers.

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