:: Filtra 2 -Filter Pad for Marine and Freshwater

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:: Filtra 2 -Filter Pad for Marine and Freshwater

Sometimes we forget that fish kept in an aquarium are confined to a very small quantity of water as compared to their natural habitats in the wild. In the wild, fish wastes are instantly diluted. But in an aquarium, waste products can quickly build up to toxic levels.
These waste products include ammonia released from fishes, scraps of uneaten food and other organic materials. Mechanical filtration is the straining of solid particles from the aquarium water. Even if it does not directly remove dissolved ammonia, the use of a proper filter media, with small openings, helps catching suspended particles keeping the water clear and reducing nitrate level before they build up.
ELOS offers a new and convenient product: ELOS Filtra 2 .

This is a filter fleece pad that will remove particles from the water down to levels of 50 microns. Also available in form of bag, to equip ELOS external filters.

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