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2019/08/02 11:59:59

NB: you need to sign up before the 25th of each month to qualify to receive your first box on the 2nd of the next month! This gives our team a few days to plan and pack your box.

What is Reef Box?

Reef box is a subscription box where each month you will receive an awesome Reef Box filled with top quality reef tank gear, fish food and other essential items that will help you maintain your reef tank and expose you to new items, helping you find continued success with reef keeping thus allowing you to enjoy the hobby to its fullest!


One of the benefits of joining the Reef Box program is that you will receive a wide range of different products personally chosen by our staff here at LA from a vast selection of marine aquatic brands. Try them in your marine reef tank and discover new and exciting ways to look after your own little piece of coral reef with all its happy inhabitants.


We supply you with products you may not have known about or products you thought you may never need, this gives you a wide selection to try out and find what works for you and what you like best also helping to further your knowledge about the hobby. Best of all… You will receive your monthly subscription box each month at a substantially discounted rate.


If that’s not cool enough, there’s more! Reef Box goes far beyond a box that is delivered to your door every month. We also have competitions, prizes and deals exclusive to our subscribers.


Why not give it a try? Subscribe now, get reefing!

How does the Reef Box program work?

To join the Reef Box program all you have to do is pay a once-off sign-up fee which secures your first Reef box. Your 1st Box will ship to you on the 2nd of the month (or nearest working day). The shipment of the Reef Boxes usually takes between 3-4 working days to arrive at your door. After we have shipped your first Reef Box, you will then be automatically debited for the next month’s Reef Box which will then ship out to you on the 2nd day of the following month. So essentially, subscribe now, pay your subscription fee and your first box will arrive by the 5th of the subsequent month.


IMPORTANT: You need to sign up before the 25th of each month to qualify to receive your first box on the 2nd of the next month! This gives our team a few days to plan and pack your box.


If you sign up after the 25th day of the month you will receive your fist box on the next month’s run.

How do I manage my Reef Box subscription?

To manage your Reef Box subscriptions navigate to the My account section on our website, Here you will be able to view and manage your subscriptions and all other aspects of your Live Aquatics account. When cancelling your subscription, it is important to remember that all cancellations must be done in the My accounts tab or the Payfast panel before the 2nd day of each month. Please take note you will still receive your last box after cancellation the following month because you are paying in advance.

Sign-up to Reef Box now!

Reef Box

R999.00 on the 2nd of each month and a R999.00 sign-up fee

First payment: August 2, 2019

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Please note: Due to the discount on products in the box our reef points are disabled on Reef Box.